Strategic Media Planning & Buying


Although media consumption is more fragmented today than it has ever been with all our choices as consumers, traditional media such as television are still premier advertising destinations for marketers. Our philosophy is that while we embrace new technologies and adapt to the changes as they evolve, it’s still important to incorporate traditional media when reaching certain audiences by the masses. It’s all about efficiency in this category in order to avoid waste, and we know how to assess that upfront.

Direct Mail

Digital Advertising Campaigns


“Multi-screen” is a buzz word on the media streets, and while it scares most, we welcome it with open arms! In this day and age, people are accessing almost everything from some kind of device – whether it be their mobile, a tablet, a family desktop. According to data from Nielsen, Americans spend an average of 10 hours and 39 minutes consuming media across their devices. Specifically, five hours per day are spent just on mobile devices. You need to be relevant and know how to stand out regardless of where (or which screen) your audience is. Leveraging the right data combined with the right message will help you have a big impact – we know just the trick(s).

Paid Social Ad Campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
Mobile Ads
Connected TV
E-mail Campaigns

Rich Media
Keyword Targeting
Audience-Targeting (Behavioral, Contextual, Demographic, Geographic)

Social Media & PR Services

You know your business better than anyone else and we know ours – our business is staying social! With the average person spending 35 minutes a day on Facebook alone according to ComScore, showcasing your brand 24/7 on social is imperative. In addition to social media, PR services are important to help get the word out in ways that aren’t paid media or advertising. You’re too busy running your business to handle this all day, every day you say? No worries – Linked Media to the rescue! We take a multi-faceted approach to represent your brand as if it were our own. Whether it’s rounding up social influencers that align well with your business for an event, a Grand Opening that you need help with, or a press release that needs to get out, we’ve got you covered. With our pre-planning, real time execution and monthly post analysis reporting, you’ll think we’re on the team, because we are.

Social Media Management
Blog Writing
Social Influencer Events

Brand Ambassadorship
Online Reputation Management


We’re certainly not in the business of being jacks of all trades but masters of none. That’s why our Search Engine Marketing Team focuses solely on Search Engines. We’re Google AdWords certified, plus we’ve earned our Google Partner badge! What that means to you is that we’ve demonstrated our expertise within the AdWords landscape as a whole and Google recognizes it – which doesn’t happen to just anyone. Let us use search engines to bring you front and center to customers directly searching for your products and services. You won’t be disappointed, and the results tend to speak for themselves before we even can.

Search Engine Marketing/Google AdWords
Search Engine Optimization

Creative & Marketing Services

Not quite sure how to refresh that logo or consistently create that email blast you want to send to your customers on a weekly basis to stay top of mind? We can handle all that and then some. Whether a simple revision or a soup to nuts creative project, we’ve got your back.

Marketing Brochures
Logo Design
E-mail Blasts
Promotional Material Design

Blog Writing
Internal Marketing Materials

Website Development

What good is a website if the user experience isn’t good? When building a website, our team ensures that no stone is left unturned prior to launching a website so that doesn’t happen – your customer is always top of mind when building so the end result is you can be top of theirs. We start with strategic design and content and create websites tailored to you and your customer’s needs – plain and simple.

Complete Website Design
Monthly Hosting
Landing pages